* The Cigar Fashion Show is the 1st Event in Fashion Industry dedicated to the High Society of Cigar SmokersLovers.

* This Show highlights the Lifestyle, CultureTradition of Cigar, and combines between the interests of both WomenMen.

* This Special Event includes several distinctive Shows & Activities as follows:

1 – Fashion Shows : Haute Couture, Men Suits, Jewelry, Swimwear, Eyewear & Lingerie

2 – Video Clips : Cigar Making, Cigar History, Cigar Smokers & Cigar Types

3 – Artistic Program : Specially-designed Choreography, Cuban Dance & Singing Performances

4 – Royal Dinner : A tremendous Royal Dinner is set up to meet Attendees and Invitees highly-appreciated taste

5 – Exhibition : For Products & Designs related to Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Smoking Industry

6 – Auction : On a selected Rare Luxurious Cigar Accessory Item

7 – Cigar Degusting Session

8 – Gifts Distribution

 * 20 International Top Models will display the latest Trends and Designs of the Worldwide participant Fashion Designers and Exhibitors, on a Wonderful Music & Prestigious Choreography, specifically tailor made for this event.

* 1000 places will be reserved for the expected Attendees from all over the world, while 200 places will be reserved for selected VIP Guests, Stars and Celebrities from Politics, Business, Fashion, Media and Social fields.

* A portion of the Ticket’s Sale proceeds will be donated directly to the Non-Governmental Organization: ” Non Smoking International Association ” (NSIA). The funds will be used to support and finance the Activities and Humanitarian Objectives of NSIA, in the aim of Fighting Smoking and Reduce its Spreading, especially among Youth, Minors, Students, Pregnant, Infirm and Sick.

For more Details about this Unique Special Event, and to Book your Place, please take a moment to enjoy surfing the website of :

Promotional Video Presentation :

Creator & Licensor :

Sani Abi Nader

Organizer & Producer :


Cigar Fashion Show ” ™

As Concept , Design , Mark & Logo,

Are solely owned Service Marks of : Sani Abi Nader “.

Registered at the Lebanese Ministry of Economy – Head of the Department of Intellectual Property Protection

Under the Nbr :  101447 , Date 15 / 03 / 2005

Copyright © Sani Abi Nader, 2005 – 2012 – All Rights Reserved ®




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