Luxury Fashion Week ®

* The Luxury Fashion Week ™ is the 1st Event in the world from its kind which combines: Luxury, Lifestyle, Business, Fashion and Celebrity in one event.

* It includes 5 Fashion Shows, created especially to make the fashion industry wider and the business market more inclusive.

* During 5 consecutive nights, Talented Creators from several industries, besides world renowned Fashion Designers will present their latest creative Designs, and Top Brand Names of different Businesses and Services will be featured by International Top Models on an amazing Set Design and outstanding choreography, perfectly designed to fit out each show’s concept respectively.

* These Fashion Shows are :

   Car Fashion Show ®

Cigar Fashion Show ®

Star Fashion Show ®

Brand Fashion Show ®

Food Fashion Show ®

This Special Event is :

Inspired by : Sani Abi Nader.

Organized & Produced by : PEACE.

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All these Special Events, as to the Concept, Design, Mark & Logo,

Are Worldwide Registered Trademarks of : Sani Abi Nader .

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